Art Exibitions

Ginepro & Co.’s art programming focuses on local and international emerging talent in contemporary space. Allowing artists to take risks and supporting innovative projects has given our space the reputation of being an incubator for some of Sardinia’s most celebrated multi-disciplinary artists.

The mandate for our programming is driven by the vision of our Chief Alchemist (and Resort Director) passion for contemporary art & technology. We produce exhibitions, partner with relevant local cultural producers and provide presentation space to artists, cultural and community organizations to host a long list of exhibitions, literary projects, performances and social change events relevant to communities across our culturally diverse land.

Beyond our Heritage

The Ginepro & Co. we are actively engaged in promoting Sardinian’s creative community and protecting and preserving the creative community’s place in a town and island that is becoming increasingly gentrified. We are proud to have incubated many innovative programs which have expanded across our island. We also produce pop-up projects and participate in and support off-site projects and cultural events that promote and showcase Sardinian artists such as our Sinis Magic Menhirs and many other cultural events in Sardinia.